Pavan Dayal's Homepage

Hello, and welcome to my website. This is not a normal website, but an interface for a set of tools that I have created, some of which are for other people to use, but most of which are for me such as this ip address lookup.

Some of the first websites I made like this chemical equation balancer or this polynomial root finder were things I coded up in middle school or high school to provide tiny utilities for myself. I remember in high school near final exam time, the teachers would annoyingly keep explaining and struggle to help students to figure out what grade they would need on the final to get an A or a B, so I made this final exam calculator one day during a class period for other students to use.

There are also some websites that I made with friends like this urbandictionary sourced medical diagnoser at HackNC 2016. I have a couple of games that I've made like this breakout game.

The main thing I use this site for is utilities to manage my server. A good example of this is my minecraft server admin page I set up so that a few friends can turn on and off the video game server just from the website.

What really got me into making websites was probably when I took calc 3 and we had to use Maple to solve problems, and I didn't like having to take out my laptop and connecting to the NCSU virtual computing lab just to do like one integral, so I made this mobile friendly web frontend for maple. Over the years, I've kept using this utility a lot, and I have made it look shinier and I've made more examples for it.

Here's a math renderer I made thats super useful for quickly typesetting a math expressions!

Here's a statistics calculator that can calculate probabilities and do statistical tests all extremely quickly and beautifully!

Here's an http request utility that's useful for diagnosing curl commands

Here's my resume! along with a boring version of it as well.

Check out my blog!